Conception & Pregnancy Over 35

Expert advice for every stage, from planning a baby to giving birth.

Every Woman's BirthRights

Every Woman's BirthRights gives mothers the information they need to make positive choices about pregnancy and childbirth. It encourages them to trust and act on their instincts rather than acquiesce to the many unevaluated routines and procedures used in maternity care. Clear, challenging, unsentimental and underawed by the "miracle" of modern obstetrics, here is a book which women can use to become more than simply silent partners in one of the most important events of their lives.

Your Baby, Your Way

There is no one right way to have a baby - there is only the way that is right for you.

New Natural Pregnancy

New Natural Pregnancy helps expectant mothers to enjoy the experience of pregnancy. It also enables women to take responsibility for their own health - and that of the baby - at a time when a healthy lifestyle and natural healthcare will enhance the development of your baby and the wellbeing of both mother and child.

Having a Baby

Pregnancy can be a good experience or a lousy one. A lot depends on how confident you feel about to handle it, and to be confident you need accurat information and lots of it.

The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Birth

A unique illustrated parents' guide to:
-the nine months of pregnancy
-preparing for labour and birth
-active birth
-yoga-based exercises for before and after birth
-breathing awareness
-massage for parents and baby
-babycare and early parenthood
-modern medical care

The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal life processes, not illnesses, You feel the incredible surge of life moving inside you, the ripening of your body heavy with furit deep inside it, and then at last the flood of vitality as labor starts and your uterus contracts in wave after wave brigning your baby into your arms. It is exciting, awe inspiring, and deeply satisfying. At the same time you grow up a bit, learn more about yourself and your partner, develop in understanding and awareness.

Zdrava nosečnost

Knjiga Zdrava nosečnost prinaša podatke o dopolnilnih načinih zdravljenja in klasični medicini in vam tako omogoča, da sami pripomorete k rojstvu zdravega otroka. Ugotovite, kako si lahko z navedenimi načini zdravljenja olajšate nosečnost in otrokovo rojstvo. Naturopatija, herbalizem, homeopatija, masaža, aromaterapija, akupunktura in akupresura, šiatsu, refleksologija, osteopatija in kiropraktika, Alexandrova tehnika, joga, meditacija, vizializacija, hipnoterapija, zdravljenje z barvami.

Riba s čokolado

Poljudna zgodbica o nosečnosti, porodu, družini, prijateljstvu in seveda Lei, napisana izpod peresa babic.

Lea, sedemletna deklica, izve, da bo dobila bratca ali sestrico. Od takrat naprej se ne dogaja veliko le v maminem trebuhu, ampak tudi pri Lei. Na srečo naslednje mesece za mamo skrbi babica Paula.

Knjiga na iskren in odprt način pripoveduje o radovednosti, ljubosumju, čudenju in veselju. Z ilustracijami na slikovit in stvaren način poučuje o nosečnosti, porodu, poporodnem obdobju in babiškem delu.

Kdo tukaj trka?

Nastala je po knjigi Riba s čokolado. Gre za isto, poljudno zgodbo, ki je prilagojena predšolskim otrokom.


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