Childbirth Without Fear. The Principles and Practice of Natural Childbirth

This classic work on natural childbirth offers Dr. Dick-Read's conclusions after many years of study and observation as a physician and obstetrician. Enthusiastically endorsed by mothers and medical authorities, natural childbirth enables the mother to see her baby born and hear its first cry. Thousands of women have successfully followed dr. Dick-Read's teaching and have experienced relatively painless childbirth.

Descibed in detail are the development of the child from conception to birth, the anatomy and physiology of mother and child during pregnancy and delivery, the reasons for fear and the resulting painful labor when the mother has not been prepared for childbirth, and the proper place of anesthetics in natural childbirth.

Also included are directions for the simple exercises which help the expectant mother maintain her health and prepare for childbirth and directions for postnatal exercises to aid her in regaining her strength and normal figure.

Grantly Dick-Read
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