Having a Baby

Pregnancy can be a good experience or a lousy one. A lot depends on how confident you feel about to handle it, and to be confident you need accurat information and lots of it.

This handbook provides exactly that - cimprehensive, practical information presented honestly and clearly. The straightforward text is backed up by over 100 illustrations, and women and their partners (also featured in the accompanying BBC TV series) tell in their own words what having a baby is really like. Armed with all this, you will be better able to manage and enjoy pregnancy, birth and caring for your baby - in your way.

In this book women bloom - and have swollen ankles. They get excellent medical attention  - and queue for hours in grim antenatal clinics. They have adorable babies - who cry for hours on end. If you think this is likely to describe at least some of your experience, then this is the right book for you.

Nancy Kohner
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